What Can Weeden Clean Fuels Do for You

Weeden Clean Fuels specializes in maintaining diesel fuel kept in long-term storage. All Weeden Clean Fuels personnel are fully licensed TSSA PM 2/3.


The continual trend towards ultra-low emissions has meant significant changes in the manufacture of diesel fuel. The removal of sulphur to below 15 parts per million and the advent of biodiesel into the mainstream delivery of diesel fuel mean that fuel must now be maintained on a regular basis. This maintenance goes beyond simply adding biocides and now must include very specific forms of fuel polishing by licensed professionals. Maintaining fuel to specific ISO standards is mandatory and in most cases critical to the warranty of the engine, low emissions and maximum engine performance.





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On-site fuel analysis

 This service includes ISO particulate and water content measurements.


We provide a consultation of fuel related issues.

FUel polishing

We provide fuel polishing for tanks between 350 litres and 150,000 litres.


Installation of fully automated AXI Fuel Polishing Systems

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